Tour 10: Bucovina Tour "€“ THE PAINTED MONASTERIES

5 days/4nts Tour Begins and Ends in Bucharest: 3nts Gura Humorului, 1nt Bucharest

Bucovina - the land of outdoor painted monasteries. Bucovina is a historical region situated in the north-eastern side of Romania, a place where the Romanian history and tradition are mostly expressed.

The landmarks of Bucovina are the outdoor painted monateries, each one with it"€™s own history, legends and colors. Our tour will guide you to the most important ones: Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita, Humor, each one having a unique background color. The blue from Voronet is the famoust because it can"€™t be reproduced. We are strongly advise you to try the local food and drinks which are a proud of Romanian cuisine.


We begin our Transylvanian adventure from Bucharest. Our guide picks you up from the airport and presents to you the beautiful scenery unfolding before you. Leave Bucharest in our way to the north region of Romania "€“ Bucovina, the land of painted monasteries and traditions. We'll end our journey in Gura Humorului, dinner and accommodation in an exquisite environment.


Good morning Moldavia! Discover today the treasures of North Romania. Start with Moldovita Monastery, fine example of Moldavian architecture and painting.The Church of the monastery has a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The most spectacular fresco of Moldovita is considered The Fall of Constantinople. Continue with Sucevita Monastery the largest monastery in Bucovina and the last one built. The monastery is located in a beautiful green valley and is fortified like a citadel. Green is the predominant colour. Next stop is the renowned Black Pottery Center in Marginea, an excellent place to shop for genuine souvenirs. To complete your experience with the Moldavian"€™s monasteries we visit Putna Monastery.The beginnings of Putna Monastery, the most important religious, cultural and artistic centre in medieval Moldavia, take us back to the year 1466 when, upon the initiative of Prince Stephen the Great. Return to Gura Humoului Guest House for dinner and accommodatin.The mouth-watering Moldavian specialities  is not something you should miss.


The most accomplished example of Moldavian painting and architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage site, considered the Sistine Chapel of the East - Voronet Monastery is on your schedule this morning. The magnificent frescoes are set against an incredible blue background, colour which has made the monastery famous worldwide. Further more "€œVoronet Blue"€ was added to the lexicon of art alongside colours like "€œTitian Red"€. We continue the trip by visiting Suceava, the former capital of Moldova in medieval ages. Here we visit Suceava Citadel, which was built during the rule of the Prince Petru I Musat (1375-1391), having 10 m high and 2 m thick defense walls and a defense tower in every corner, the entrance into the citadel being realized by crossing a bridge with piers. Here died Stephen the Great. One of the first of Bucovina"€™s monastery will open its gates for you, Humor Monastery. It is one of the best preserved monasteries in Bucovina boasting frescos from 1535. The predominant colour is reddish brown. Return to Gura Humorului guest house for dinner and accommodation.


Leave the Bucovina area and we are going on the route to visit the Neamt Citadel, one of the oldest and most important medieval fortresses from Romania. The citadel was built in 14th century on a high cliff assuring a perfect defensive location. Recently restored the Neamt Citadel present to its visitors the old defensive system and an interesting medieval collection.With a lot of memories and surely some regrets  and drive to the capital city of Bucharest.In the afternoon arrive at Bucharest. Overnight in Bucharest.


Breakfast. Accorging to your flight we can make a tour of Bucharest ol center and a visit to the Parliament House, the second largest building in the world! Transfer to the Bucharest International Airport for your departure flight.