“My Amazing Transylvanian 30th” Alexandra S UK

Bogdan's Tour was effortless, superb, hilarious, exciting and educational. Amazing value for money my colleague and I genuinely became attached to him over the course of the trip. He was interested in what we wanted, entertaining and charming. He is a caring guide and all-knowledgeable. He was reliable, friendly and the best we could have ever wished for. We genuinely didn't want to leave him and were a bit upset when he drove off into the Bucarestian sun. His tour is superb and he's great fun. What a total legend.

“Amazing 5-Day Tour, Awesome Guide, Great Hikes”, Aliyu N, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Summary: Amazing Trip. The guide was awesome and a really good person. Romania has some interesting history. Ask Bogdan to include hiking. Food was really good. Everything relatively cheap. Very Highly recommended.


We had five-day holiday and decided to do a trip to explore Romania, the land of Transylvania. We were 4 friends, early 30's living in Dubai.

The Tour: It was a full package tour where everything was arranged for us - airport transfers, transport, hotels etc, over the 5 day period. All we needed to do was show up. They designed the tour for us and even made useful changes when we demanded extra flexibility (eg. including more hikes, specific room arrangements etc).

Tour Guide: Our Tour guide Bogdan who owns and runs the company was awesome. He is very knowledgeable about Romanian history and cheerfully answered more than a million questions over the 5 day period. He was obviously passionate about Romania. He was an easy going guy, good to hang out with adn didnt seem like a guide at all (more like a friend or member of family). He had an interesting sense of humour also (we had a lot of laughs all the time).

Places We visited (Monuments) - Poienari Castle - Vidraru Dam - Transfagarasan road - Balea glacial lake - Balea Waterfall - Sibiu - Sibiel, Sighisoara medieval town (UNESCO world heritage and the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler) Viscri. Bran Castle. These were all lovely sites and I'm sure each person had their preferred favourite.

Treks, Walks, Mountains & Canyons - This was the highlight of our trip. I summarise below.

Seven Ladders Canion: You must do this. I cannot say more.

Mountain Hike at Brasov (cant remember the name): Bogdan arranged for a professional mountain guide how lead us up this mountain. She was really good too and great company. You must request this. Its a good workout for anyone on holiday.

The Food: You must try their local speciality - the Romanian Plums Brandy. Restaurants were of very decent quality and really cheap (like most other things in Romania), so you're getting good value for money.

Jeffrey Lima, USA.

MUST do!!  Amazing experience...  Fun!!

I booked a full 6 day private tour of Transylvania and wish it was longer!!!!  Touring Romania with Alex is like a drug, you want to see more and more!!!   To NOT do this trip, would have been a mistake – This tour made my trip complete!!

Like many others who had left reviews here, I too was a skeptic.  How can Transylvania Discovery Tours offer such a generous package at such a low price?  AND not require any funds prior to starting the tour.   Well, let me tell you, it is all real and one of the best experiences I have had in my life.  And I have traveled all over Europe, but nothing can compare to this.  The exciting schedule that Alex puts together is so diverse and interesting, you never know what to expect.

Aside from the fact, that the price was beyond reasonable (BEST deal out there), what I truly liked about this tour is that I could make any request to see, stop and go anywhere and Alex’s response was always “no problem”.  Alex redefines accommodating!

Alex took me to places that only locals would know about, not anything you would find on the internet.  The accommodations were all perfect (with private bathrooms), but my personal favorite was the first night in Sibiel Village in this remote pension (guest house).   The owners met us when we pulled into the driveway (covered with grapevines – SO COOL) like we were family returning from a journey.   Rooms were basic, with private bath and VERY clean.  You do not stay in this place for the rooms; you stay here for the lifetime experience.  The food, the homemade Romanian wine & Plum brandy, the surrounds and the people of course – I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

The only negative I have about this 6 day tour, is that I should have booked it for MORE days.  It is the best!

Do not miss this experience.  Finding Transylvania Discovery Tours was like finding a hidden gem.

Lloyd Rowe, Alaska. Prior to flying to Romania, we arranged the typical Castle Tour with Alex. When he met us at our Brasov hotel, we pulled a fast one on him and changed our itinerary to go to Sighisoara instead--just to see how cool he was under pressure. Only slightly dazed, he recovered quickly and off we went--deeper into Transylvania. Ah, but ol' Alex had a trick up his sleeve along the way. Off the beaten path we went to the small Saxon village of Viscri, where the keeper of the "Key" joined us and let us into the Fortified White Church, built by Teutonic Knights long, long ago (see attached). A great place to explore, but if you're afraid of heights--you'll be very afraid! Then is was off to Sighisoara ("Sighie Sackie, Sighie Sackie, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!"). An awesome populated medieval city! Also the birthplace of one Vlad Dracula, so I thought it might rate higher on the "evil" scale, but it's just "Mid-evil." Keep working on it, boys. Anyway, it is a must visit in Transylvania! We went into the house where ol' Vlad was born, and even met a Vampire while inside {a nice guy really, they're just misunderstood}. Then we had lunch (I had the BBQ'd vampire bat; my wife a leg of werewolf). No witch burnings to be had on this day, we were on our way back. To and from Brasov the scenery is very picturesque. There are many castles, etc. along the way. We highly recommend Alex as a tour guide, and will definitely us him again if/when we get back.

Visited November 2013

Best tour I have ever had! Well worth it! Amanda Cooper, USA

My friend and I booked a day tour with Alex on November 10th and it was the best decision of our trip to Romania! Alex was great! We weren't just "more tourists" to him. He was very personable and a great driver on the winding Romanian roads. We traveled to 4 different sites and I'm glad we were with Alex because at some of the sites the hours had changed for the winter time and he was still able to contact someone so that we could visit the site. During the long stretches of driving he told us anything we asked about Romania, he didn't hesitate to tell alittle bit about himself either. I can't recommend him enough. I hope that I can return to Romania to visit other sites and I will certainly reserve a tour with Alex again. Thank you so much!

Visited November 2013

Great tour guide Reviewed October 20, 2013

I booked a 3-castle tour with Bogdan last September. I'm really glad that I took a tour with him! For one, we had good conversations on Romanian culture, everyday life, politics, and even the changing state of the country during the long drives to the castles. He also told the legends of the various castles, and stories about Romania's previous rulers. 

During the tours itself, he would often share little anecdotes and facts that the castle guide didn't mention. He was also good at turning dull moments around. I would definitely recommend booking him for your next trip to Romania.

Visited September 2013

Perfect Tour through Transylvania Rea and David Baker, Brisbane, Australia. Reviewed October 17, 2013

We have just departed from an incredible 4 days in Romania. On arrival at Bucharest airport we were greeted by Bogdan (Alex) and from this moment we were treated with the kindest, warmest hospitality. Our first night was spent in Sighisoara and we were amazed by it's beauty and likewise Bogdan's great knowledge of the medieval town. From there we went to Brasov and enjoyed full, exciting days planned by Bogdan including tours of Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, Viscri Church, a visit to the Brasov Bear Sanctuary and the opportunity to go Horse Riding through the forest! 

We have been travelling throughout Europe for one month now and this tour through Romania's beautiful country has been, for certain, a highlight. With Bogdan's superb organisational skills and vast knowledge of his homeland, we are unable to fault the experience - it was perfect!

If you ever intend on visiting this part of the world you must contact Bogdan for one of his amazing tours. We truly couldn't recommend it more!

A must to do tour company Colin Finlayson, AustraliaReviewed September 24, 2013

From the day we decided to go to Romania 
Alex from TDT offered his upmost assistance
Follow by email pricing confirmation all exceptional.
Collected us from Bucharest airport and transported us around to the spots we wanted to see.
Great guy thanks for everything enjoyed every minute
Modern van and knowledgable on the sites
A must to do with this company

Visited August 2013

Wonderful Transylvanian Short Break
Reviewed September 11, 2013 Val P.London, United Kingdom

We have just returned from a fantastic 5 day break in Transylvania which Bogdan/Alex planned for us in advance. We wanted to see and experience as much as possible in our short time and the tour did not disappoint. Bogdan is a great guide. He speaks excellent English, knows a lot about his country and ensures the days are varied. He is enthusiastic, thoughtful and easy going with a good sense of humour, and will try to incorporate any additional requests into the itinerary (such as a coffee and cake stop, a visit to a ski resort or a drive past the huge government building in Bucharest on our way to the airport). He is a very good and safe driver with a modern, comfortable touring vehicle. The overnight accommodation he arranged was well chosen and we especially enjoyed the food and hospitality during our stay in the village of Sibiel. We would have no hesitation in recommending Bogdan to anyone planning a trip and would hope to use him and his company again in the future.

Visited September 2013

A great way to see Transylvania. Reviewed September 9, 2013 Charles Chalmers, Australia.

We had two days of tours with Alex. He was a great tour guide. He was very responsive to whatever our interests were and happy to accommodate them. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and had a good blend of information and interesting stories. We would certainly recommend him and his company.

Visited August 2013

Highlight of our holiday Peter S, Birmingham, United Kingdom Reviewed August 10, 2013

We took two tours with this great company at the end of May: Land of Fagaras, because we fancied something a little off the beaten track, and a large group tour to Rasnov, Bran Castle and Brasov with lunch included. Both tours were immensely enjoyable, my favourite was Land of Fagaras which was really varied with stops in lovely rural places such as picturesque mills run by welcoming families, a monastery, stud farm and a fortress with a moat. The restaurants on both tours were superb, Bogdan certainly knows where the best places are and is friendly, laid-back and flexible, besides having great English. He really makes sure you get lots of value out of the tour. Both tours were very reasonably priced, and if I come back to the region I will definitely want to travel with this company again as they gave us great memories of Romania!

Visited May 2013

Excellent planning and great service Stuti_jjwKansas City, Missouri

Bogdan is not only very informative but also very helpful and concerned. He planned out our trip to cover all the major attractions of translyvania in 2.5 days.
We covered Poenari Castle, balea lake, Sibiu on day 1. Singhsoara and Brasov day 2. Rasnov castle, bran castle and peles castle day 3.
He gave us a great flavor of the history of Romania. His service was very good - always attentive and accommodating to our requests.
I would highly recommend using his service to discover translyvania.

Visited July 2013

Excellent guide, beautiful country Lightman7Mountain View, California

I took a two day Peles Castle/Bran Castle/Rasnov Fortress/Brasov/Viscri/Sighisoara Transylvania tour from Bucharest. Bogdan is friendly, knowledgable and obviously cares about his customers. His English is very good and he is very accommodating. I would highly recommend contacting him if you are thinking of doing any kind of tour in Romania.

First Rate Service, Machala Eversole, Victoria, Canada.

I took two single day tours with this company on my recent trip to Brasov and was very glad I did. The first trip included the city of Sighiosara and the village of Viscri, with a traditional lunch included. Both of these sites are well worth seeing and Bogdan along with his wife and translator (for my German speaking companions - Bogdan and his wife speak excellent English) were all very knowledgeable and personable. The tour allowed for a fair bit of self-exploration along with structure and was a well priced. The next tour was to "the land of the Fagaras" which covered six scheduled stops as well as a country fair that Bogdan got tipped off about at one of our attractions and included for no charge. This tour was very diverse and gives a great sense of the local lifestyle today, covering everything from a traditional grist mill, weaving business, horse farm, monastary, ancient religious site, and moated fortress. This tour allowed for dinner, though the cost for that as well as the token admission fees for some of the stops was additional to the main tour cost. Even so the cost was well worth it, and very reasonable considering the length and breadth of the tour. I would highly recommend these trips to anyone!

Kevin Kelly, Australia. I arranged a tour of various activities in Transylvania with Bogdan in February 2013. Not only did I want to see all the usual tourist attractions in Transylvania, but I had a special request to ride a snowmobile while I was there. Bogdan went out of his way to ensure I had a great experience and even provided ideas. He was constantly in contact during the planning phase and was more than happy to assist with helping to book tickets for my onward travel. He drove to Bucharest to pick me up. We spent 3 days driving around the beautiful Transylvanian countryside. Bogdan was always full of conversation and spoke very good English. We had many laughs and Bogdan was full of knowledge about not only Transylvanian and Romanian history but he was able to give me details of his experiences in other countries too. By the end of the tour I felt like Bogdan was more of a friend than a tour guide.

If you are in Romania and wish to experience a fantastic time with a knowlegeable and friendly tour guide, then you need to contact Transylvania Discovery Tours.
Anyway, thanks again for the fantastic time I had. I will be back one day to see Transfagaras in the summer. Keep in touch.
Regards, Kevin.

Ann & David Miller, Melbourne, Australia

Alex is the consummate guide. His compendious knowledge, willingness to provide the best service, sense of humour and excellent English language skills turned our speculative trip to Romania into a memorable holiday. We hope to return to Romania again this year.

Highly recommended, Annah and Liam, London, UK

We took a 1 day tour of Transylvania (from Brasov) with Bogdan in November 2012 and found him to be a fantastic tour guide. Initlally we thought we'd try and do all the sights by public transport but discovered this might be a little too hard, take too long, there wasn't a lot of information about and just maybe a bit too ambitious. So we looked for a tour guide. This tour seemed to be one of the most reasonably priced that we found online.

During the organisational period he was very fast to reply via email and also almost instant on text message. His english is almost perfect. Our train from Budapest was almost 2 hours late, and he was very accommodating and waited for us (communicating live via text with our new scheduled arrival time, something we had no idea of). He drove a recent model people carrier and was a safe and careful driver. He took us to some great destinations, but was happy to mold the trip to whatever we wanted but was always aware of how all the decisions we were making would effect other things (ie, we can stop for a long lunch now if you like, but we might miss the sunset at Rasnov Fortress etc) which really helps you make educated decisions about everything you're doing. He took us into each attraction and explained everything in detail. Had a very good knowledge. He even made about 10 phone calls trying to arrange accomodation for us that evening.

Over all we thought it was a great day, a great tour and Bogdan was a fabulous tour guide. Highly recommended.

Excellent day trip Erin H, Australia, Visited October 2012

Bogdan is a great guide! He picked us up in Sighisoara and took us out to Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress. He's friendly and knowledgable, and we had a really great day. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to explore the region!


Am back safe in Istanbul.. Tks v much for everything Alex, I enjoyed myself v much!
Will definitely recommend if any of my friends want to visit Transylvania. Keep in touch!



Hi Alex, this is Cristobal from the tour last week.Im just writing to say thanks, we all really enjoy the tour and the places we visited, and we are very happy of our decision of going to Romania now that we are back home. Best wishes for you.Cristobal (on behalf of Angel and Cristian also).

Olga & Paulo (Monaco): Best Tour experience- highly recommend

Transylvania Discovery tours made our one week trip in Brasov unforgettable. We are a couple who likes adventures and discoveries. We were so lucky to find in internet Bogdan and his wonderfull web-site! we have booked Land of Fagaras day trip and were amazed! He is a knowledgeable, friendly, speaking a good English guide. He picked us up in our hotel with a comfortable minivan and brought us back after the trip. He took us to the authentic places as a watermill household with a tea time in a local family, to a Sincu underground monastery, to a carpet manufacturing household, to a national dinner in a cosy restaurant and to a huge beautiful monastery close to the mountains.

We listened to a hundred of curious stories during our trip. Bogdan is full of hints, advises and recommendations. He even made for us an impossible thing - organized a trip to the Bear Sanctuary, which doesn't have a public access. Thanks to him we became a part of a group and saw around 60 saved bears!!! He is definitely the best guide we ever had! We highly recommend to call him, if you want to experience something special!

Four Day trip to Transylvania - Highly Recommended Oct 11, 2012 NicolaSTA, UK

We were going to be in Romania for a week and wanted to see some of the countryside as well as Bucharest. We found Bogdan via his website and communicated easily with him via email before we left the UK, arranging a three night/four day trip to Transylvania centered in Brasov. Bogdan picked us up from Bucharest and drove us back to Brasov visiting two castles on the way. We largely left the itinerary to him and he delivered a fascinating mixture of castles, fortified churches, medieval towns and slices of Romanian life like a family run watermill and a prehistoric cave that wasn't even mentioned in our guidebook! However, when we did want to do something else, like taking the cable car trip at Brasov he was more than happy to adapt the days schedule to accommodate our wishes. The guesthouse he arranged for us to stay in was also excellent, clean and friendly with an spacious room and generous breakfast. We were left to our own devices in the evening which left us free to explore Brasov which worked very well. All in all a fabulous trip, we would certainly contact Bogdan again if we returned to Romania to see the bits we missed

Lots of energy Oct 1, 2012 schateau Siri, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I found Bogdan on Tripadvisor and communicated easily with him through sms's in English, while we were busy in Bucharest and in the Danube Delta. He traveled 5 hours to pick us up in Tulcea and turned right around to drive us back to Brasov with enough energy for a quick walk around the city before depositing us at the wonderful Casa Cranta. The next morning he was at our hotel at 9.15am to take us to the Bear Sanctuary, Bran Castle, with lunch in a fun place with a wonderful view, Poiana Brasov (we were too tired to do the fortress) and a walk around Brasov, finding supplies, music and excellent German pastries. The day after we went to Viscri, which even in cold driving rain, was just wonderful, and enjoyed Sighisoara - with more German pastries. He was flexible enough to resolve my search for a particular soap dish and throughout our travels with him he was fun, upbeat, and driving very competently. We met his lovely family and understood why he works so hard. Great find.

Geoff, Ottawa.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Romania for business and quickly starting making arrangements to visit Transylvania. Since I have a Romanian co-worker I knew which places I wanted to visit. My quest now was to find a guide on line who was willing to visit all those locations in the short time that I had. Eventually I found Bogdan at Transylvania Discovery Tours. He had a number of listed tours and when I contacted hiim he was willing to adjust to fit in the extra locations that I was interested in visiting. We spent 2 days touring the countryside of Transylvania visiting all the sites that I was interested in seeing. Even though this included many locations and put us on a tight schedule Bogdan was very accommodating and flexible. I was very impressed by his desire to keep me happy and on-time so we could see everything. The first day he had been up approx 16 hours when we stopped for the day and he still took the time to go out for a very nice supper in Brasov. I found his local knowledge very good and was particularly interested in not only hearing the "official tourist" history but also hearing some of the local folklore and legend. OVerall I found Bogdan to be very flexible, knowledgeable and more than willing to go that extra mile. The bed and breakfast where he had arranged for me to stay was owned by two extremely nice people who were more than just personable, I consider them new friends. With Bogdan language was not a barrier as his english was very good and we killed some highway time by telling jokes to each other. I would not hesitate to recommend Bogdan to another visitor to Romania. Overall I had a great time and owe it all to Bogdan. Thanks. Geoff, Ottawa

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