Tour 23 Romania & Danube Delta Great Tour

14 days/ 13 nts tour Begins & Ends Bucharest: 3nts Mahmudia, 4nts Brasov, 2nts Sibiel, 2nts Garda de Sus (Apuseni Mountains), 2nts Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Danube Delta

Day 1: Bucharest - Constanta - Tulcea - Mahmudia. Pick you up from Bucharest. Transfer to Tulcea, overnight in Tulcea area. Dinner. Overnight in Mahmudia 3 stars pension, en suite rooms, traditional dinner and breakfast included.

Danube Delta

Day 2: Mahmudia - explore the Danube Delta by boat ( part 1). Breakfast. Explore the Danube Delta by boat and with a local guide. Birds waching.

This Danube Delta tour is the ultimate adventure for nature lovers who get to spend few days in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Bird watching, nature observation, long boat rides and traditional villages discovery are the day to day activities of this private Danube Delta tour.

We will focus on the rich biodiversity and the unique local culture of this amazing wetland, the best-preserved delta of the continent and a Biosphere Nature Reserve.

Dinner and breakfast included. Overnight in Mahmudia at 3 stars pension, en suite rooms, dinner and breakfast included.

Danube Delta

Day 3: Mahmudia - explore Danube Delta by boat ( part two ).

You’ll follow in the footsteps, or better said the boat routes of famous explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau who lead two expeditions in the Danube Delta in 1991. Surprised that such a place still existed in Europe, the French scientist filmed here one of the most beautiful documentaries ever made about the delta.

A labyrinth of reed, marshes, lakes, canals covered with water lilies, sand dunes and willow forests, the Danube Delta was soon after his visit declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Over 300 bird species live here, besides the species also found in Western Europe, the delta being one of the best places to observe colonies of cormorants and pelicans who nest here in large numbers, and in autumn and spring countless birds that stop in the Danube Delta during their migratory routes.

The itinerary of the tour follows different boat routes every day for you to discover and observe as much as possible this natural wonderland.

Dinner. Overnight in Mahmudia Village.


Day 4: Mahmudia - Brasov. Transfer to Brasov City. Breakfast. Transfer to Brasov. Your journey ends in the medieval Saxon city of Brasov. Accommodate in a centrally located 3* hotel. To better capture the Saxon atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a traditional Saxon dinner in one of the best restaurants in Brasov. Dinner in Brasov with traditional music and dance. Overnight in Brasov.

Bran Castle

Day 5: Brasov - Peles Castle - Bran Castle - Rasnov Fortress - Brasov. Morning drive to Sinaia, the pearl of mountain resorts in Romania. Explore the main point of attraction, the royal Peles Castle, one of the best preserved and the most beautiful royal residences in Europe. Continue your journey with Transylvania’s symbol, Bran Castle. The edifice owes its fame both to its unique charm and to the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula. In 1920, Queen Mary, the niece of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, turned the castle into a beautiful summer residence. The largest peasant fortification ever built in Eastern Europe is your next destination Rasnov Fortress was built in 1331, the Fortress had a defence role and it was a shelter for the inhabitants of Rasnov in case of enemy attacks. Return to Brasov. Traditional dinner. Overnight Brasov

The Bears Sanctuary

Day 6: Brasov - Bears reservation - Poiana Brasov - Brasov. Visit the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world and learn more about the incredible creatures on this guided tour of the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti. See the bears up close as your guide introduces you to the over 100 residents of the place and each of their unique stories.

Begin your tour by listening your guide spin the heart-wrenching tale of Maya, the bear whose life inspired the founding of the sanctuary. The Libearty Bear Sanctuary is dedicated to Maya's memory and works to rescue and rehabilitate mistreated bears from all over the country. As you explore the sanctuary, which covers 173 acres (70 hectares) of land to give the bears ample space, your guide explains that each of the animals living there have been rescued from cruel conditions.

Spot the bears as they roam in their spacious enclosures, climbing trees and taking dips in pools. As you observe, learn from your guide that though the bears come from bleak backgrounds, thanks to the efforts of the sanctuary, they are now able to enjoy normal, happy lives. End your tour on a hopeful note by getting educated about the dangers of keeping bears in captivity and what people can do to prevent it.

Visit Poiana Brasov, the best ski resort in  Romania.

Short walking tour of Brasov old town. Dinner. Overnight in Brasov.


Day 7: Brasov - Viscri  fortified church- Sighisoara - Sibiu - Sibiel. This morning travel through the Persani Mountains while you enjoy the awesome natural wonder that is Padurea Bogatii. Our first visit is at Viscri Fortified Church, one of the most spectacular in Romania. Afterwards, you will journey to  Middle Age Sighisoara -the best preserved in Romania and one of the few citadels still inhabited in the world with an authentic Middle Age architecture We see The Clock Tower, The Weapons Museum, The Torture Room. Dinner. All food is locally produced. Overnight in Sibiel village.

Balea Glacial Lake, Transfagarasan Road

Day 8: Sibiel- Sibiu- Tansfagarasan road - Sibiel. Sibiu is the heart of Germanic Transylvania. Saxon colonists called the town Hermannstadt. Sibiu town lies on the site of one of the largest Middle Age fortresses from Romania. In the Middle Ages  Sibiu was surrounded by three concentric rings of fortified walls. Some have survived, along with fascinating network of squares, staircases and towers dating between 13 and 18 centuries. We visit Brukenthal National Museum, the Large Square wich is the historic center of Sibiu, first mentioned in documents in 1411 as a cereal market, the square existing since 1366 when the third fortification belt of the city was finalized.We follow Transfagarasan along Balea Valley and trough the sinuous road wich gives you asthonishing views we reach Balea Waterfall (1234). After a short stop where you can admire the noisy falling waters we continue our trip on the road that climbs trough Balea, Doamna and Tunsu edges and get to Balea Glacial Lake. This road will give everything to those addicted to adrenaline.Because of the countless turns, the average speed is maximum 40 km per hour. Along this route there are 27 viaducts and bridges, and the longest road tunnel in Romania - 887 meters. The landscape is fantastic, and the differences of altitude and the curves represent a challenge for both cars and drivers, so don't forget your camera to capture the spectacular views!
We stop at Balea Lake to enjoy this splendid monument of nature wich is situaded at 2034 meters altitude and together with about 180 hectare of land around it is declared natural reservation since 1932. Also, the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe is built near the lake every winter since in 2006. We go trough the tunnel to see Capra Waterfall which welcomes its visitors with cold water drops. Return to Sibiel. Dinner.

Alba Iulia Citadel

Day 9: Sibiel - Alba Iulia - Garda de Sus. After breakfast we visit Alba Iulia, the star-shaped citadel and one of Transylvania’s most overlooked sights. The walls of this magnificently preserved citadel – the largest in Romania – enclose grand monuments and museums, glittering churches, and archaeological treasures. Transfer to Garda de Sus village. Dinner and overnight in Garda de Sus, Apuseni Mountains.

Garda de Sus

Day 10: Garda de Sus - explore the surroundings.

On Padis Plateau, the heart of Apuseni Nature Park, hikers begin each day with a fresh approach to life, getting ready for a new challenge, while campers proudly display their hammocks for what promises to be another lazy day in the shade. At Cornel’s “terrace”, everybody greets each other with a familiar ‘Neata!’ (‘Mornin!’). La ‘belle vie’ of Padis, that wonderful, natural pace of life, surrounds the foggy glades. We invite you to experience it with us, from the greatness of Cetatile Ponorului karst phenomena to the textured karst relief of Sesul Padis. Walk through the labyrinth of the Lost World Plateau and explore the story of the water that creates it. Pair a bottle of ice-cold beer with a Romanian sausage grilled on the campfire, along with some baked potatoes, in the sound of a guitar played by one of the regular visitors of the area: the simple pleasures of life!

Garda de Sus

Day 11: Garda de Sus - Turda - Odorheiu Secuiesc. Breakfast. Visit Turda salt mine. Step inside UFO - shaped theme park! Visit Turda salt mine, one of the largest in Europe and one of the top 10 underground wonders in the world! The 2000-year-old Salt Mine is in the city of Turda and during World War Two local authorities used its massive underground caverns as bomb shelters for the residents of Turda. When the war drew to an end in 1945, local cheese makers decided to use the mine's naturally cool and dark interior for storing cheese.

Overnight in Odorheiu Secuiesc at Septimia Spa Hotel. Dinner. All facilities included( out door/ indoor swimming pools, hot bath with salty water etc).

Bicaz Gorge

Day 12: Odorheiu Secuiesc - Gheorgheni- Red Lake - Bicaz Gorges - Borzont ( lunch at Hungarian restaurant ) - Odorheiu Secuiesc. Breakfast. Find the legentds and the truth of the mysterious Red Lake. Take awalk trough Bicaz Gorges, a truly nature wonder. Traditinal Hungaryan lunch on the way back to Odorheiu Secuiesc. Overnight in Odorheiu Secuiesc at Septimia Spa Hotel.

Prejmer Fortified Church

Day 13: Odorheiu Secuiesc - Prejmer fortified church - Brasov. Visit Prejmer Fortified Church which is the largest Fortified church in Southeastern Europe and was built by the Teutonic Knights in 1212-1213. The powerful surrounding wall is 40 feet high and 10-15 feet thick. Historical records attest that in its 500 years of existence Prejmer fortress was besieged 50 times. However, Prejmer Fortified Church was only captured once, in 1611 by Gabriel Báthori, Prince of Transylvania. Endowed with bastions, drawbridges and a secret  subterranean passage through which food supplies could be transported, the  Prejmer church’s most famed war device was the “deathIn this escourted day tour we travel to see some of the most beautiful fortified churches from Transylvania. We begin our journey with Prejmer Fortified Church wich is the largest Fortified church in Southeastern Europe and was built by the Teutonic Knights in 1212-1213. The powerful surrounding wall is 40 feet high and 10-15 feet thick. Historical records attest that in its 500 years of existence Prejmer fortress was besieged 50 times. However, Prejmer Fortified Church was only captured once, in 1611 by Gabriel Báthori, Prince of Transylvania. Endowed with bastions, drawbridges and a secret  subterranean passage through which food supplies could be transported, the  Prejmer church’s most famed war device was the “death machine,” made of several weapons that could shoot simultaneously, causing the enemy severe losses. Dinner and overnight in Brasov.

Peles Castle

Day 14: Brasov - Peles Castle - Bucharest. Peles Castle is one of the most beautiful museums in Romania and was built almost throughout 40 years by King Charles 1. During Peles Castle tour you will admire furniture and decorative objects, sculptures, paintings, collection of weapons from 15th to 19th Centuries. Transfer to Bucharest City at your hotel or to the airport.