Sibiu Old Town Day Tour

Sibiu old town and Astra Ethnographic museum


Sibiu Old Town
Much of the city's aspect is due to its position, easily defensible, but allowing horizontal development. The old city of Sibiu lies on the right shore of the Cibin River, on a hill situated at about 200 m from the river. It consists of two distinct entities: the Upper Town and the Lower Town. Traditionally, the Upper Town was the wealthier part and commercial outlet, while the Lower Town served as the manufacturing area.


Sibiu is the heart of Germanic Transylvania. Saxon colonists called the town Hermannstadt. Sibiu town lies on the site of one of the largest Middle Age fortresses from Romania. In the Middle Ages  Sibiu was surrounded by three concentric rings of fortified walls. Some have survived, along with fascinating network of squares, staircases and towers dating between 13 and 18 centuries. We visit Brukenthal National Museum, the Large Square wich is the historic center of Sibiu, first mentioned in documents in 1411 as a cereal market, the square existing since 1366 when the third fortification belt of the city was finalized.


We visit the Little Square wich is the second largest historic place of Sibiu and one of the most beautiful in town and Huet square, dominated by the Evangelic Church, wich is the oldest in Sibiu, the Liars' Bridge.

After the tour of Sibiu Old Town we visit Ethnographic Museum where you'll  discover romanian villages. This is an open museum wich gathered households from across the country in a magnificent place.

Included: transport, driver/english qulified guide, permanent assistance

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