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Full day trip: Bran Castle - Curtea de Arges Monastery - Poienari Fortress

Bran Castle

In 1897 Bram Stoker wrote a terrifying story about Count Dracula. A century after, there are still people who believe in it. Even researchers are trying to find out the truth about Dracula. All are trying to clear the mystery: was there or wasn't there a vampire in Transylvania? How many of these fabulous stories are legends and how many say the truth ? Join us and find Dracula's legend.

Poienari Fortress

Legends of the Poienari Fortress
The Cantacuzino chronicle tells the story of how Vlad Tepes punished
the boyards from Targoviste, supporters of the Danesti, the adversary family of the
Draculesti (whom, in December 1447 supported the invasion of the country by
the troops of lancu de Hunedoara, and the consequences have been terrible
for the family of Vlad Tepes).
« When the day of Easter came, and all the townsmen were feasting,
the young people were at the round, without any notice they were
surrounded, and the elderly were killed circling the whole city with
their bodies, and the young people along with their wives, were taken
to Poienari, were all of them have worked at the fortress until their
clothes have been destroyed... »

Another legend says that Vlad Tepes, during 1462, being chased and
cornered by the army of Mehmet II "al Fatih", retreated with some of his
soldiers in the Poienari fortress. The Turks besieged the fortress, they bombed
it from a mountain called Pietraria next to the fortress and have destroyed its
walls. The ruler managed to flee to the village Arefu. They say that is were he met
seven brothers who were blacksmiths, named Dobrin, whom, at his request...

Curtea de Arges Monastery

"€The legend of master Manole"€, which is directly connected to the name of Curtea de Arges Monastery, says that the ruler hired the greatest masters to build the place of worship. But all that they had built during the day fell apart during the night. So one night Manole had a dream, showing him that the construction would resist only if he built...JOIN US AND FIND MORE !